Golden Bell takes a set break for Earth, Wind & Fire!

Earth, Wind & Fire transitioning into Golden Bell’s Persian/American themed set!

Whether circus performers, aerialists, or another band, it’s not particularly unusual to have other performers featured at one of our events, so when we were informed that a band had been hired to play a 70-minute set around one of our private events, we didn’t think too much of it. We had no idea what we were in for…

About two weeks prior to this particular event, which happened to be a 50th birthday celebration at a hotel in San Francisco, we started coordinating with the other vendors to ensure that we were prepared for an amazing and executed event. That’s when we started getting hints that some exciting events were about to unfold.

The sound production team based out of Los Angeles shared a stage plot of a massive stage and lighting rig that was getting trucked in to the hotel, and gave us the specs for a festival-sized generator that was being ordered for the night, to power a sound system that the hotel’s electrical circuits couldn’t manage on its own.

When discussing backline, and whether the band would want to use our drum set, or any of our gear, we were quickly informed that Earth, Wind & Fire would be back-lining all their own gear. “Which band?” I asked, assuming I had misheard the person I was speaking with on the other end of the phone. “Earth, Wind, & Fire.”

If you’ve met the Golden Bell team, or heard us perform, you probably know that we’re huge fans of the “Mighty Elements” and so getting the opportunity to open and close out the night around an intimate Earth, Wind & Fire show was truly a dream come true. Better still, we got to take a break in the middle of our set to unwind and hear one of our all-time favorite bands from arm’s reach away.

What an amazing night!